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Dallas Family Law Reviews and Testimonials

Below are a few of our client reviews.

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I have used the Barbosa Law Firm 3 times for 3 different cases involving my family.   Attorney Barbosa just settled a case with my ex-husband involving a modification of custody.    I was sued by my ex-husband for a modification of custody of our 14-year old son. Attorney Barbosa was so quick to file a counterpetition and set the matter for court.   I was very surprised how prompt he is in getting matters into the courts. The most important reason I go back to Attorney Barbosa is that he is very fair in his fees. He always gives me a payment plan.   In the last case, he waived thousands of dollars in fees because he was able to settle the case at the first hearing. He as able to persuade my ex-husband to agree on a proposal that would keep custody with me.  I will never go anywhere else for legal representation!
I went to Attorney Roland Barbosa to speak with him about a contested divorce.   Roland had represented my ex-husband in a divorce case 4 years ago. I was so impressed by him.   I had another attorney representing me at the time. I married again 2 years ago only to be facing another divorce.   I called Roland to see if he would be able to represent me in my new divorce. He agreed to take my case since my ex-husband was not a party to this case.   I was so happy to have Roland on my case. He would always return my phone calls when I contacted his office. He would respond to my emails almost within a few minutes.   He was able to settle my case before it got into litigation. He is the most professional and courteous attorney. He is soft spoken, but, when it comes to getting things done,  he is the BEST!
The best choice!   I consulted with the Barbosa Law Firm, P. C.  regarding a paternity case involving 1 child.  I met with Roland Barbosa personally. I was so glad that I was able to speak with an experienced attorney when I call the Barbosa Law Firm, P. C..   Most other law offices that I contacted before retaining Mr. Barbosa would pass me to a legal assistant or secretary. I was very comfortable being able to speak with an attorney.   I met with Roland Barbosa for over 90 minutes explaining the situation with a child that I was being accused of having fathered. Mr. Barbosa was the first attorney that advised me on a plan that would allow me to contest the paternity and get the court to order paternity testing.   I had spoken to 3 other attorneys that told me I had NO CASE because the child was over 7 years of age. Mr. Barbosa and the 30 plus years of professional experience was able to get me off the liability of paying child support for a child that I have no relationship with. I paid him a nominal fee compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars I would have to pay for a child that was not my biological child.  Retain an experienced attorney like Roland Barbosa….it will be worth the money!