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Contacting THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM through this website does not establish an attorney-client
relationship between you and THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM.
Our duties to our current and former clients require that we observe certain formalities before agreeing
to represent anyone in a new matter. Before undertaking a new matter, our duties to current and
former clients require us to determine whether there is any actual or potential conflict of interest that
would preclude us from accepting the new matter. No attorney-client relationship can or will be
established between you and THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM until THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM has determined
that no conflict of interest exists between you and any of its current and former clients. Prior to the
establishment of a formal attorney-client relationship, you should not send or disclose any confidential
information to anyone at THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM by letter, fax, telephone, or email as any information
received from you by THE BARBOSA LAW FIRM prior to that time will not be considered confidential or
privileged and will not be protected from disclosure.
DO NOT SEND OR INCLUDE ANY INFORMATION in any email generated through this web site if you
consider the information confidential or privileged. By submitting information by email or other
communication in response to this web site, you agree that the communication does not create a
lawyer-client relationship between you and the law firm and its lawyers and that any information
submitted is not confidential and is not privileged. You further acknowledge that, unless the law firm
subsequently enters into a lawyer-client relationship with you, any information you provide will not be
treated as confidential and any such information may be used adversely to you and for the benefit of
current or future clients of the law firm.