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Helpful Articles About Family Law

Benefits of Discovery in a Divorce Case

In the intricate web of divorce proceedings, the term “discovery” holds significant weight. It refers to the legal process where both parties gather relevant information and evidence to build their case. While it may seem like a daunting task, conducting discovery in your divorce case can offer a plethora of benefits that can pave the way for a

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Mediation in a Texas divorce case:

In today’s legal environment, divorces can become very costly when the parties decide to litigate their differences in a court of law.   Many courts in Dallas County and surrounding counties will require the parties to Mediate their case prior to the court hearing the case in a final trial.   Clients need to be educated in the process of

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The Unwavering Bonds: Reasons to consider Before Filing a Divorce in Texas

Introduction: Marriage is a sacred institution that brings together two individuals in a lifelong commitment. In the state of Texas, like in many other places, divorce is an option available to couples facing difficulties in their marital journey. However, before embarking on such a consequential decision, it is crucial to consider the reasons not to divorce. Texas, with

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Paternity and Genetic Testing

It is not uncommon for clients to contact my office requesting genetic or paternity testing due to issues related to children that are of the marriage or outside of the marriage. It is a difficult situation to answer depending on whether the child is born a spouse or another woman not the spouse; and, the time period that

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Protective Orders 101

In today’s environment where law enforcement may not be as responsive as you may expect, a person should be aware of the protections that a Protective Order may provide.   No protective order is going to be one percent effective or protect a person from the malfeasance of another person especially in a divorce or custody situation.  However, every

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How is my child support calculated?

In today’s economy, the non-custodial parent in a SAPCR or a divorce case is generally obligated to pay guideline child support and provide health insurance including dental insurance. The obligation can be high and usually creates a financial situation with the non-custodial or obligor that requires a lot of adaptation of his/her budget especially when the non-custodial parent

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